Still need to file your taxes? Check out these sites to file for FREE.

6757835075_cf5e1c9b5a_bIt’s nearing the end of March which means you only have two and a half weeks left before your 2016 tax filings are due.  If you have complicated taxes, you may need to file for an extension if you can’t get in to see a professional soon.  If your taxes are pretty simple though, you’re in luck!  There are several websites where you can file your taxes FOR FREE.  Here’s a list of the top picks:

  • Free File – this one is only available if your income is <$64,000.  Offers free state filing as well.
  • Credit Karma – free regardless of income, but you do have to sign up as a member.
  • TurboTax – not free if you have to file a 1040 long form; state filing costs $29.99
  • TaxAct – also offers free state returns.
  • H&R Block – free until March 31st. After the end of the month, the cost goes up.  This one allows for itemized deductions!

If your taxes are complicated, have changed this year, or you’re already feeling overwhelmed…consider finding a professional.  If you’re looking for tax advisors in your area, consider downloading the app Taxfyle.  This app calls itself the “Uber for accountants” and will help you locate a CPA based on your needs.  Just download the app, answer a few questions, and the app will pair you with a local tax accountant based on your needs.

Happy taxing, everyone!  Hope you’re getting a refund!

Darcy Borella is a financial life coach and current CFP® candidate.  No financial incentives were provided to the author of this post.  For questions on filing your taxes and/or individual, professional tax advice, please seek guidance from your local CPA.  

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